If you live near bears, please take action at home and help reduce conflict between bears and humans.

Visit Bearsmart.com for an excellent detailed list of what you can do.

You can also view, print and download our quick 11 point list in PDF format.

Store your garbage and compost indoors until collection day.

Feed pets indoors, or take in any food not eaten right away.

Manage yard compost properly with more brown than green materials.

Use a bear-proof bird feeder, or hang out of bears' reach (be sure to clean up seeds below the feeder every day).

Pick ripe fruit and remove any fallen fruit or find a local group to help collect fruit at SaveOurBears.ca

Keep outdoor barbecues and cooking appliances clean and free of odours. Keep BBQ hot for 15 minutes after use to burn away odours. Store grease tray/pan indoors or wash clean after every use.

Ensure that vehicles parked outside do not contain odorous items such as food wrappers, coolers, or air fresheners.

Never use blood meal, fish fertilizer or deer repellent in your garden.

Use electric fencing if you have chicken coops, small livestock, beehives, berry bushes, or fruit trees.

Keep freezers and refrigerators inside. If you have no space inside, then make sure they are locked.

When cleaning freshly caught fish, either dispose of remains in deep water or freeze them until garbage collection day.