Every year dozens of sows and killed as a result of contact with humans. Some are hit by cars and others are shot when they venture into our yards in search of food.

As a result, each year many cubs are found starving, alone and in desperate need of care. If you encounter a cub that is definitely alone, please contact a rehab centre for help.

Critter Care Wildlife Society

Located in Langley, BC www.crittercarewildlife.org

Main Contact Gail Martin 604-530-2064 crittercare1@shaw.ca

Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter

Located in Smithers, BC www.wildlifeshelter.com

Main contact Angelika Langden 250-847-5101  info@wildlifeshelter.com

North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre

Located on Northern Vancouver Island, BC http://niwra.org/

Main Contacts Robin and Sylvia Campbell 250-248-8534 wildlife@niwra.org